Miami. The city they say where neon goes to die. Three friends and a camera try to capture the spirit of Art Basel. But away from the pomp and guestlists they found a place that is free for all. www.bbb-mag.com/story/wynwood/

Joey Elgersma www.instagram.com/joeyelgersma
Dennis Branko www.instagram.com/dennisbranko
For www.anotherslang.com www.anotherslang.tumblr.com
Director, Camera, Editor Stephan Wever www.instagram.com/stephanwever
Via Bart Hendrikx - Written by Paul Weatherall http://cargocollective.com/richtea/
Narrated by Terry Burns
Final Mix Jonathan Wulfes www.parasol-island.com

Music by King Britt & Oneohtrix Point Never

Recording: londonvoiceoverstudio.com

Special thanks:

Bart Hendrikx, Paul Weatherall, Austin Paul, SBTRKT, Danny Brown, Fa' Empel, Merlin Bronques, Chance The Rapper, A-Trak, Trick Daddy, Jason Odio, Noah Becker, Lary, King Britt, Oneohtrix Point Never,Terry Burns, Wendy Lee, Simon Wilkinson, Karl Heinz Müller, Alex Groth, Nils Hartmann, Moritz von Schrötter,Henrik Alm, Jonathan Wulfes, Girl dancing on the van, all the artists and people on the streets of Wynwood. We love you!


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