One Flew Over Miami Beach

One Flew Over Miami Beach, Florida from Greg on Vimeo.
Miami Beach is now open as a new paragliding site. First (non-powered) paragliding flight over Miami Beach. Conditions were light, and it took us a long time to figure out how to do a successful hand-tow that would enable the pilot to grab the lift band and stay up. Three helicopters passed by, but they were far enough not to pose any concerns. Tow release: 0:35. Hooking up speed bar that came off on launch: 1:06. Helicopters: 1:37, 1:53, 2:47.


Thriller Miami, Miami Boat Tour, South Beach Boat Tour (video)

Thriller Miami - Miami Boat Tour - South Beach Boat Tour from Thriller Miami on Vimeo.
The Thriller Miami Speedboat Tour departs from Bayside Marketplace in Downtown Miami, Florida. The tour provides the ultimate sightseeing experience in true "Miami Vice Style". See celebrity mansions on Star Island, Fisher Island, Miami Beach and see the Art Deco district of South Beach from Thriller's unique perspective in the Atlantic Ocean. We are the only tour boat that can give you an off-shore experience, covering three times the Miami area as compared to other tour vessels.


Miami Beach Golf Back Nine

Miami Beach Golf Back Nine from 1-2-1 Marketing on Vimeo.


Miami Beach Golf Front Nine

Miami Beach Golf Front Nine from 1-2-1 Marketing on Vimeo.



Miami+ from renzo rebagliati on Vimeo.
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