Night in The Life: Frederic Dechnik

Night in The Life: Frederic Dechnik from Eben Hall on Vimeo.

Follow Miami fashion icon Frederic Dechnik as he puts on the annual fashion show to promote his South Beach "fashion temple."

Part of the Emmy Award Winning series: Night in The Life.

Produced, shot, and edited by Eben Hall.


Miami Beach Timelapse

Video of the Day: Miami Beach Timelapse (1080p) from Peter Baanen on Vimeo.

I was in Miami Beach, for the FileMaker Developer Conference 2012 and made this little timelapse.

Drops of H2O ( The Filtered Water Treatment ) by J. Lang
J.Lang / CC BY 3.0


Timelapse-south beach

Timelapse-south beach from Eli Tawil on Vimeo.

Shot in Miami, FL

Music: Delorean (Instrumental)- El-P


South Beach, Sunday Afternoon

South Beach, Sunday Afternoon from Eben Hall on Vimeo.

A 40 minute timelapse of South Beach (14th St), in Miami Beach looking North. This was shot with the Flip Mino HD, which due to its small size allowed me to successfully not creep out the couple in the foreground.


South Beach Miami

South Beach Miami from Tom Wexler on Vimeo.

A few shots taken whilst I was working in Miami in April '08. Trying out my newish camera (Sony EX1). Very heavy use of smoothcam filter to compensate for lack of tripod or shoulder support: sometimes this has produced bizarre side effects, but I rather liked them so have kept them in.

Music is 'Lost Child' by Susumu Yokota


Sliding Thru South Beach

Sliding Thru South Beach from Chris P. Jones on Vimeo.

I was pretty excited to take out my DP Slider for the first time. This is the 19inch vertical version, although I've yet to use it for vertical shots.

Shot on the Canon 7D at 1080/24 with a 16-35 2.8 L series. I'm not a filter guy, but I decided to bump the gamma with some G-Film filters that I haven't used in a while.

Lou Kulynych acted as my partner in crime and makes a cameo at the very end. He also shot some BTS which you can see here:
password 'Jones' if you need it.

I would occasionally get sand in the slider, but I could easily wipe it out and go back to sliding.


South Beach

South Beach from mia hurley on Vimeo.


South Beach

south beach from zuk on Vimeo.

South Beach from Christopher Andrew Balan on Vimeo.
Testing out some minor color correction of random footage I shot around South Beach.

Camera: Canon Rebel T1i.




On the fly time-lapse photography.




BIG + Kollision + Schmidhuber & Partner team up to bring BIG’s vision of future urban mobility to life for AUDI at Design Miami/ 2011, running from November 30th through December 4th adjacent to Art Basel Miami Beach. BIG originally presented the concept as an entry for the 2010 AUDI Urban Future Award introducing a future city paved with a digital surface that liberates the streets from existing boundaries and allows for a new flexibility of public use. The 190 m2 three-dimensional LED installation provides a glimpse of the future city where the public space is shared between pedestrians and driverless cars. The entire surface would be infused with a continuous flow of information allowing for real-time interaction between vehicles and their environment. Mounted above the Design Miami installation, 3D cameras track the movement of passers-by processing the data into a generative artwork that feeds back into the LED panels. The installation sets the stage for Audi’s showcar, Audi A2 concept, which has its U.S debut at the design fair and is dedicated to future urban mobility, capable of communicating with its environment. The exhibition car continuously emits arrows showing its driving path, navigating real-time between visitors at the stand. "Our pavilion for AUDI renders visible the invisible forces that flow through our city – the driverless car is relying on sophisticated sensory and computational technology that constantly observes and calculates the dynamic space that the living city constitutes. The result is an architecture of movement whose forms have not been predetermined by the architect but are constantly being recomposed by the people populating the pavilion.” BIG



50 CHARACTERS IN MIAMI from TheSeventhLetter on Vimeo.
This video documents Rime's latest trip down to Miami for last years Art Basel. Taking on a long stretch of space, Rime attempts to expand on a repetitive theme popular among graffiti bombers.

For more on Rime check out:
Music by Mr.Green

For behind the scenes of how Mr. Green made custom beats using video footage from Miami,
check out:



EROTIC CITY (MIAMI 2010) - | IRONLAK FAMILY + guests at PRIMARY FLIGHT. from Ironlak on Vimeo.
Augor, Enue, Ewok, Pose, Jaes of Ironlak Team USA and Askew, Phatone, Vans the Omega and Berst of the Ironlak Extended Family got together in the Erotic City for 2010's Primary Flight jam. Special guests on the wall were: Vizie, Persue, Wane, Cope2, Ket, Sueme, Lango, Steel and Has.

Massive thanks to HOX, Typoe, Books and the rest of the Primary Flight gang for all your hard work making this happen.

Thanks also to LRG for beds, Gordon (Paintmia) and Med (33Third) for storage. And a nod must go to Saori, Nekst and Wane for all the help with transport.

See you next year Miami.

Shot: Luke Shirlaw.
Cut: Selina Miles -


iHeartRadio - Fontainebleau Miami Beach

iHeartRadio | Fontainebleau Miami Beach from Monster Media on Vimeo.

Monster Media 3D created an awe-inspiring 3D projection at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party: Fontainebleau Miami Beach. The five-minute projection kicked off the evening's festivities with a visually stunning display of bright colors, true to south beach culture, and building morphing effects, synced to music provided by iHeartRadio and Clear Channel Entertainment. During the live celebrity performances, additional elements were projected onto the facade of the iconic Fontainebleau to compliment the acts and enhance the vibes of the sizzling concert series. Post-show, attendees received a unique thank you as a final projection wrapped up the musical event.


Running with Raven

Running With Raven by Mary Beth & Laura Lee — Kickstarter: "“Miami Beach has changed more in the last thirty years than just about any city in the United States.” This comes from a man who has witnessed the transformation every step of the way. Walk to the Fifth Street lifeguard stand on South Beach at 5:15 pm any day. You will see a bearded, long-haired shirtless man wearing black shorts, one black glove, and a headband that’s black, too. People call him the “Raven,” and he’s been standing in front of that lifeguard stand at that time for the last thirty-seven years, getting ready for his eight-mile jog up and down the beach. That’s right—Raven has run eight miles on the sands of South Beach every day since 1975, through concussions, hurricanes, food poisoning, animal attacks, hail and high water. And he’s still going. "

South Beach Runner Raven Stars in "The Collector" Photography Exhibit - Miami - Arts - Cultist: ". . . there's a lot more to Raven than the eight miles he runs every day without fail. In addition to his inability to let go of his 37-year running streak despite increasing health problems and pain, he has trouble letting go of other elements of his past. On September 7, a one-night-only photography and video exhibit at the Miami Beach Cinematheque will explore Raven's need to cling to his personal history. . . "


Miami Relapse

Miami Relapse from Red Square Visual Arts on Vimeo.

This is a reshoot of a previous timelapse. It's still a work in progress but I felt it was good enough to upload at this point.

My assistant Jeff Herron was shooting me as I shot the overall scene (to add a little "making of" aspect). About 80% of this video came from multiple crops of one camera position.

Music by Luke Tennant is legally licensed.


Miami Downtown at Dawn

Miami Downtown at Dawn from Red Square Visual Arts on Vimeo.

An architectural timelapse focused on the Bank of America building in downtown Miami, designed by architect I.M. Pei in the early 80s.


December 14th, 2010 South Beach Miami

December 14th, 2010 South Beach Miami from Jason Hines on Vimeo.

Music : Virgo - "Home Alone"


Courtney :: Architecture

Courtney :: Architecture from Red Square Visual Arts on Vimeo.

We planned a sunny rooftop video shoot with Miami-based Elite model Courtney O'Connor and it didn't go exactly according to plan. Not only was it not sunny, it was dark, cloudy and pouring rain. The footage looked more like Northern Europe rather than tropical Florida. So, I bumped up the blue (a lot) and let Courtney take command of the architecture.

Soundtrack is "Beached" and legally licensed from Shawn Ethier "Revalver" in Montreal.

CINEMATOG: Corey Weiner
ASSIST: Jeff Herron
MODEL: Courtney O'Connor
SOUNDTRACK: "Beached" by Revalver



CATHEDRAL from Edo - on Vimeo.

Miami portrait in HDR Timelapse.
- 2010 MIAMI ART BASEL - collateral event

Photography: Edoardo Cicchetti -
Production: Alessandro Cecconi
Music: Fortune Plango Vulnera - Carmina Burana
Post: Photomatix - After effects - Finalcutpro

Shoot whit Canon 5DMII
Nikon AF 85mm 1.8 - Canon EF 17-40mm 4.0 - Sigma 15-35mm 3.5 - Nikon 28mm 2.8

Watch the second Timelapse video of Miami:


MIAMI jazz

MIAMI jazz from Edo - on Vimeo.

Miami portrait in HDR and Tilt-Shift Timelapse.
- 2010 MIAMI ART BASEL - collateral event

Photography: Edoardo Cicchetti -
Production: Alessandro Cecconi
Music: Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine

shot with Canon 5DMII.
Nikon AF 85mm 1.8 - Canon EF 17-40mm 4.0 - Sigma 15-35mm 3.5 - Nikon 28mm 2.8 - Canon 75/300mm -
Post: Photomatix - After effects - Finalcutpro
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