Rise up Miami (full cut1)

Rise up Miami (full cut1) from Alex Forster on Vimeo.

more info at resilientmiami.com


Escape from the cold

Escape from the cold from Kurosh Kiani on Vimeo

Every year that special time comes. That time where you have been enduring the increasing cold of European fall, and time comes to escape to warmer beaches. Just that is what I did this year with my friend Sean Obrien from Australia. After doing a whole summer of windsurfing World Cups, we always take this little timeout and head over to the amazing city of Miami.

This year we also did a little road trip further north to check out different spots, and as usual we had loads of fun and sailing while trying to document as much of it as possible. After driving around and sailing amazing spots of Miami and area around, we also attended the Miami Slalom Open which is one of the most laid back events you will find around the world.

With this event as the end of our trip, we had a blast once more, and now a long time later I tried to put the pieces together to display the amount of good times we had cruising around the Miami area and windsurfing. Nothing radical but just amazing windsurfing!

Camera: Sean Obrien, myself
Edit: myself
Porter Robinson - Spitfire
Nine Inch Nails - Copy of a
Billie Holiday - Lulu Rouge Appegio version


Only in Miami: Police identify passenger who fell from plane near Miami

Police identify passenger who fell from plane near Miami: "The victim was identified as Gerardo Nales of Key Biscayne, Fla. The Federal Aviation Administration said the pilot radioed air traffic controllers that a passenger had fallen from an open door of his Piper PA 46 airplane around 1:30 p.m. on Thursday as he was 8 miles southeast of Tamiami Airport." (read more at link above)


Flamingo Park

Flamingo parc 2 from French District on Vimeo.


Le nettoyage annuel des plages de Miami Beach

Le nettoyage annuel des plages de Miami Beach - The annual cleaning of the beaches of Miami Beach from French District on Vimeo.

Sensibiliser à l'écologie. Chaque année des équipes de jeunes volontaires ramassent les déchets sur les plages de Miami Beach.

Awareness of ecology. Each year teams of young volunteers pick up trash on the beaches of Miami Beach.


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