Miami Beach, Reel Miami short film

Miami Beach - a Reel Miami short film
Miami Beach, an original Reel Miami short film, follows Mason (Eric Aragon) and Kassandra (Elisabetta Fantone) as they visit Miami Beach for the weekend. Their adventure begins the moment they realize they've picked up the wrong suitcase at the airport. Their leisurely vacation soon turns into a dangerous thrill ride across Miami Beach as their curiosity digs them deeper and deeper into trouble in the magic city.

Starring Eric Aragon, Elisabetta Fantone, Carlos Mena, Christian Ochoa, David Porras, Brigitte Kali and Stephanie Hernandez
Written & Directed by Carlos Gutierrez
Executive Produced by Frank Kelly
Director of Photography Sherman Johnson
Edited by Jeff Sternberger
Original Music by David Miranda
Produced by Eddie del Carmen and Danny Mendoza
Colored and composited by Leo Lovera & Oscar Martinez
Sound Design by Daniel Leprevanche
The Reel Miami Project - Discover Miami through short films
Published on Jan 26, 2014


London Police Art Basel Miami Beach Video

London Police Art Basel Miami Beach Video | Complex:

Art Basel Miami Beach attracts artists, curators, writers, and art-lovers from all over the world. Those who attended the 2013 fair had the opportunity to check out the London Police’s ABMB mural. The street art duo Chaz and Bob Gibson have a long history working together and consider themselves “more cohesive than Han Solo and Chewbacca.”


LE MICHMAVS #1 video

LE MICHMAVS #1 from 7moons on Vimeo.


SCOPE Miami Beach 2013, SCOPE Art Show

SCOPE Miami Beach 2013 from SCOPE Art Show on Vimeo.
Miami Beach, FL: It is with tremendous enthusiasm that SCOPE announced its new location on the sands of Miami Beach. Situated on the most highly visible location in Miami, SCOPE Miami Beach’s 70,000 sq. ft. pavilion featured an outdoor beach lounge and stunning views of the ocean, nestled amongst the iconic architecture of Ocean Drive at 10th Street. Working closely with the City of Miami Beach, SCOPE contributed the cultural landscape of this vibrant neighborhood with an extraordinary presentation of emerging contemporary art.


Gale-South Beach

Gale-South Beach from Ryan Carroll on Vimeo.
Promotional video to promote the opening of the Gale Hotel on South Beach in Miami. Created a faux 3D effect to enhance images with subtle movement and life.
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