Paving a New Path, The Starry Night Exposure Program

Paving a New Path: The Starry Night Exposure Program from Starry Night Retreat on Vimeo.
The Executive Director of Starry Night Programs, Monika Proffitt, talks about how the Exposure Program came to be. It started with a feeling of exclusion; but after tweaking many layers of rules, formulating ideas, and squeezing her way in, Monika found a way around the roadblock that obstructed her vision. And thus, the Exposure Program was born; a new and inclusive program that will revolutionize the art world. It's a program that continues to evolve with steady improvement, and one that we see only good things for on the horizon. The footage that you see in this video was taken at the Exposure Program's very first show; Art Basel Miami 2013. Music credits belong to the group, Junior Boys.


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