Miami Design District Exhibition 2012

Miami Design District Exhibition 2012 from Photographic Museum Of Humanity on Vimeo.

In December we organized a collective exhibition in our Miami Design District gallery, during Art Basel 2012. The show featured a selection of works realized by the photographers of our community that won the Miami Photo Contest ( More than 1000 people and art lovers passed by in those days, learning about our project and its philosophy. This video tells about the atmosphere, people and moment that caracterized the event.

Hereafter the list of photographers that exhibited in our gallery and a link to their works:

Zoltan Bekefy (
Anreea Chiru (
Joshua Dudley Greer (
Nikolaus Gruenwald (
Esteban Feune de Colombi (
Nicolas Janowski (
Leo Liberman (
Giacomo Maestri (
Vincent Michael Manalo (
Xenia Melnik (
Myriam Meloni (
Lisa Sorgini (
Piko Tamashiro (
Gustavo Toro (
Juan Troncoso (
Ignacio Colo (
Alejandro Kirchuk (
Matias Altbach (

Directed by Brian Kazez
Produced by Photographic Museum of Humanity and Pantera Estudio
Music by © Nancy Sinatra

A very special thanks to Felicia Marquez

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