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Born in Oklahoma, raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Eleazar Delgado studied architecture and interior design. It was in Miami where he began his architecture explorations. Graduating at the peak of the deconstruction movement in 1987 from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, his thesis on the Penal Courthouse for Metropolitan Caracas received Honorable Mention. During the 1980's, Delgado fell in the love with Miami's vivid colors and its native surroundings. The radiant sunshine and gleaming colors of the night influenced his choice to paint the story of Miami.

After a successful venture in architecture and interior design, he grew tired of the rigidity of those forms of expression. Architecture is about space. The process is always restrained. Interior design is about other people's psychology. Painting is the creators' own vision. Having always struggled against the methods he was taught, it was time to seek release of from those restrictions. 

Behind the Lights is the multimedia journey through different design disciplines. Architecture, design, and art unite to reveal the innate transparency of the self in art. The work of Eleazar Delgado illuminates portals to expose the beautiful way color and light shape the relationship of Miami's visionaries with the Magic City. In a second of abundant light your vision is impeded, causing you to squint. It is in that second glance that the story is revealed. 

Each subject chosen for this collection was a door to Miami's development and enrichment. The abstract visual relation tells a story, using native symbols of plants, animals, landmarks and those who had the vision to see behind the wilderness. Their enthusiasm and courage inspired this exploration of the people who shaped Miami.

Delgado's work has led him back to his origins, his inner voice. Epic painting was his earliest artistic fascination. The compelling relationship between history and art is often depicted but rarely realized as a story that appeals to all your senses. The journey has come full circle, back to Miami where he applies his research of reading between the lines and seeing behind the lights to present oil paintings as a 3-dimensional story.

Delgado's vibrant and colorful perspective on the visionaries that built Miami, like Henry Flagler and Julia Tuttle have earned him much acclaim, his work also memorializes historical events, such as Billie Holiday's performance at The Lyric in Overtown. His artwork's historical homage and social slant have been featured by The Miami Herald, Plum TV, CNN EspaƱol, Social Miami, Miami Magazine, Miami Art Guide, Art Circuits, Ocean Drive, Brickell Magazine and 944 among others.

For more information and to view Eleazar Delgado's art please visit: www.eleazardelgado.com.

Media Contact:
JennyLee Molina | JLPR
jennylee@jl-pr.com | 786.975.9596

Eleazar Delgado Studio
2703 NW 2nd Avenue | Wynwood Arts District | Miami, FL 33127


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